Have you ever stood on a balcony, looking down, and noticed the doll-like quality of the world below you?

When you gaze out a window, do you wonder what lies just around the bend?

I have always been fascinated by meandering roads, maps and birds’-eye views.

I love little gardens and fenced-in backyards.

I love snow and rain and puddles.

I find magic in the places I inhabit.

I primarily work on paper utilizing watercolors, pastels, pencils, as well as printmaking techniques using linoleum relief printing and monotypes. My early prints were made by the lithograph process during the 1980’s.

I received a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis on printmaking from the University at Albany in 1981.

I have participated in many exhibits: group, solo, local and national. I am a member of the Oakroom Artists Group.